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    Sharing is Caring - Ms. Platinum & Candice Nicole

    I booked Ms. Platinum and Candice Nicole to star in an exclusive episode for our man Tiny. We drew straws to see what lucky son of a bitch would get to fuck these 2 fine ass pornstars. Asshole Marcus won, of course. Both women arrived on set looking fucking fine as all hell. Candice Nicole had huge natural boobs, thick ass and a long beautiful weave. Ms Platinum on the other hand, had all types of crazy hair but her body was bangin yo. Marcus walked on set and I swear those 2 black beauties threw him on the bed, ripped his pants off and started to suck his huge black cock. Candice was bobbing up and down on the tip while Ms. Platinum was licking his ball sac. Candice came up for air, stripped down, shoved her boobs in Marcus's face while Ms Platinum took over the cock suckin duties. That hot bitch refused to give up the dick until Candice had to grab his rob and pull it out of Ms. Platinum's mouth. You got to check out the FULL movie starring Candice Nicole and Ms. Platinum ONLY at TinysBlackAdventures.com

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    Car Shopping or Ho Shopping? - Taylor Star

    Tiny stepped to this ebony goddess who was checking out a BMW. Tiny is no slouch. We were on the lot clocking hummers. Who gives a fuck about gas prices when you roll like us! Anyways she was mighty fine. Perfectly flat ironed weave, short brown hot pants with an almost see thru white tank. We swaggered over to her, said her name was Taylor Star. Now that's a pornstar name if I ever heard one. I asked her if the BMW was out of her price range. She gave me the stank eye and said, do I look like I am some broke ass bitch? Oh snap, we got a fiery one on our hands. My bad Taylor. She turned and walked away. DAMN! I followed her to the next car and she said what the fuck are you doing. I told her I wanted to bang her pink pussy silly. I rubbed my cock, grabbed it and told her I was packing 10 plus inches. She grabbed it to confirm I wasn't bullshitting, then smiled. Let's go, said Taylor. HOLY SHIT! I grabbed my shit, jumped in the car with Taylor and DOWNLOAD the FULL MOVIE ONLY at TinysBlackAdventures.com bitches!!

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    Black Pussy Alert - Sole Dior

    I was throwing a pool party for a bunch of my boys. I forgot to invite the hot black bitches. Once a I broke the news to the fellas, they grabbed their phones and started dialing for black pussy. First girl to arrive at the party was Sole Dior. Her skin was dark as chocolate but I bet her pussy was pink and tasty like candy. She arrived in a cute black and white bikini. My boys asked Sole to strip off her suit and take a dip with all of us. She threw her top off, dived into the water then tore off her bikini bottoms. I swam up behind her, grabbed her perfect black tits, sucked one nipple and invited her into by bedroom for a little one on one fuck session. Sole grabbed her clothes, raced into the bedroom, dropped to her knees and sucked my cock till I was stiff enough to fuck her silly! Cum check out the FULL DOWNLOADABLE movie starring Sole Dior ONLY at TinysBlackAdventures.com

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    Black Ball Superstars - Monica Foster and Rane Revere

    I got a tip that the Serena sister's look alikes were going to hit the local tennis court. I headed straight to the hot spot with my best bud. They were foxes even from afar. Monica Foster and Rane Revere missed out the tennis skills but I gave them perfect ten with the way they looked. I slowly walked toward these chocolate hotties and I introduced myself. Since I was a master of tennis way back in college, I offered them a special course in perfecting their forehands and backhands. Monica and Rane were delighted to swing and sweat back at my crib. I was about to bring out the refreshments to cool them down but these crazy bitches pushed me on my bed instead. They were all over me right from the start as they took turns in sucking my monster black cock. I pumped my way in and out of both their black pussies until I blew my load. DOWNLOAD the FULL MOVIE of Monica Foster and Rane Revere only at TinysBlackAdventures.com

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    Black Pussy No Sugar No Cream

    We were lazy, bored and over driving all around town looking for hot black chicks. I mean the economy is in the shitty and my car is, well, not every efficient on gas so we just sat in a busy parking lot, waiting. After about an hour of um stalking, we spotted her crossing the lot. Dark chocolate skin, tight body, perky small but real breasts. She was perfect. We jumped out of the car. I pretended to accidently bump into her. Osa Lovely was her name. She lost her job. Was applying to different stores in the strip mall. I gave her a wad of cash. What's this for, Osa Lovely asked me. Sex on film baby. She looked up and down at the cash. Said sure why not. Check out the full DOWNLOADABLE movie of Osa Lovely getting nasty on film ONLY at TinysBlackAdventures.com

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    Sweet Black Pussy Alert

    Belle D'Leon is one fine sista. She sashayed on set with her natural 36C cups snuggled inside a fitted black tank top. Her lean thighs showing in a short skirt which gave you a peek of her black thong panties when she sat. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She slowly started stripping off her clothes. With each article my cock grew larger and larger. Finally I walked over, grabbed her natural tits, sucked each nipple while I fondled her smooth black snatch. Belle's pussy was moist by now. She dropped to her knees, grabbed on dong and bobbed up and down until I was ready to slammed her sweet meat. I bent her over the couch, rammed by cock deep inside her pussy walls until this hot black bitch came buckets. DOWNLOAD the full movie starring Belle D'Leon ONLY at TinysBlackAdventures.com

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    Dubs & Black Pussy

    I called my boys to check out this dub shop that just opened up. They had some hot black models promoting the latest and greatest dubs. They were all fine but one in particular caught my eye. She was black as night with a banging body and had this chicken head look to her, like she had been around the block one too many times, but liked it. I pimped over, offered her some dough for a little one on one nude modeling back at my crib. Nina Devon gave me the who the fuck are you look. Put her hands on hips, said how much we talking? I flashed 500 big ones in her face. She told the owner of the shop to fuck off and left with my crew. Once back at the crib this chicken head striped down, grabbed my cock and worked it like a pro. I was right! DOWNLOAD the full movie starring Nina Devon ONLY at TinysBlackAdventures.com!

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    Posted: 01:24, 2009-Jan-29 in Black
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    Black Pussy for Rent

    Enjoying a nice day taking a walk near the studio we saw a hottie looking for a storage unit. She stopped us. Asked if this was a safe place to store her personal items. Vanessa B was in the process of moving. Her new place was too small to hold all her items. I told her Tiny loves to make movies of black babes fucking top shelf dick on film. She would be perfect. Vanessa glared at us. Looked at the storage unit, then her pile of crap loaded up in the car. Finally she said, Yeah why not. Off to the studio we went. Once back sexy Vanessa B got naked, massaged her black pussy, grabbed the huge black cock hanging in her face and sucked it dry. Then she bent over, begged for big black dick to fill her sweet black pussy. Check out all the black pussy pounding action ONLY at TinysBlackAdventures.com bitches!

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    Cum Guzzler Dena Caly

    Tiny sent over teen Dena Caly for the next exclusive episode. She strutted in wearing a head to toe fishnet that outfit emphasized her phat ass and perky teen tits My cock instantly started to grow. I quickly grabbed Dena by the waist, pulled her close and whispered in her ear I was going to fuck her so good she would cum buckets. Dena blushed. Said give it your best try stud. With that I had her bent over the couch. Juicy ass high up in the air while I rammed by black dick in and out of her black teen pussy until Dena came. Then she flipped over and swallowed my entire load. Thanks again Tinys!

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    Gettin Lucky with Kaleah

    I knew from the start that Kaleah was a wild cat in the sack. This black sista was wearing a very revealin animal print getup that only a skanky ho would wear. She says she was domineering in bed but it was me who was dominatin her once we got into the action. She was quite soft spoken talkin in that sweet baby stripper voice but she was screechin like a banshee in heat once I started eatin her shaved black snatch. She had a mighty fine ass too shaped like a perfect heart and I couldn't believe my luck that I get to slap that phat ass. I'm sure all the other bruthas are jealous of me right now once I get to shove my big black meat deep inside her. She says she likes a big cock well she definitely aint disappointed with me and my 10 inches. I fucked that sexy sista doggie style really givin it to her shoving my entire dick deep inside her and poundin her like a jack hammer. She went on top of me cos she says that her favorite position. She rides my dick like a skanky cowgirl and that bitch really pushed my dick into overdrive. That nasty bitch just cant contain herself! She like one nympho skank and I like it! I unloaded my cum on her face and she spread it around like it was Olay. Check out all the hardcore action only at TinysBlackAdventures.com


    Posted: 01:24, 2009-Jan-29 in Black
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